Events Organizer Professional Course

Events Organizer

Professional Course

Who is the Events Organizer Technician?

The Event Organisation Technician is the professional who conceives and organises national and international events with the objective of generating business, leisure and that provides participants promocional, information and learning opportunities.

Main competences at the end of the Professional Course of Events Organization:


  • Analyse the needs and conditioning factors presented by the client, in order to allow the conception of the event and the evaluation of its feasibility;
  • Design the definition of the event to be held, creating the idea and conceptual layout of it and developing its branding, taking into account the customer’s needs and the previously identified budget;
  • Plan the event in general;
  • Present proposals to the client, specifying the type and program of the event, the necessary resources and the estimate of costs and profit;
  • Design information and promotion plans and manage its development with the target audience;
  • Carry out the detailed planning of the event, so that it can be implemented;
  • Provide the resources for its realisation;
  • Coordinate and monitor the work teams in the implementation of the event, ensuring compliance with the production schedule and response to unforeseen and/or emergency situations.
Course Duration

3 school years (10th, 11th and 12th grades)


A diploma of completion of secondary level education (12th year).

Level 4 Professional Qualification Certificate from the National Qualification Board.


Food and Transportation allowance.

Training in the Work Context

Training in the Work Context (FCT) is one of the training components of the Curriculum Plan approved for Professional Courses.

FCT is a time of training in which the trainees’ skills are exercised to perform a certain activity as well as their integration into the labour market, consolidating and developing the acquired skills, whether of a technical or behavioral nature. It is also intended to contribute to the development of the trainee’s spirit of initiative, preparing them for the development of skills that allow them to exercise an activity.

The FCT, according to the course syllabus, takes place throughout the academic years of the course’s teaching, and the internship form will take place in the 2nd and 3rd years, on dates to be defined annually in the academic calendar.

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